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Truckload services to fulfill your needs


  • A Truckload/Volume quote does not constitute "exclusive use" of Saia equipment.
  • Truckload/Volume quotes should be obtained prior to tendering freight to Saia.
  • Shipments receiving Truckload/Volume rates must have a Saia quote number listed on the Bill of Lading.
  • Truckload/Volume shipments will not necessarily move on the same service standard as normal LTL shipments.

  • Excess charges

  • Shipments exceeding the quoted weight and linear feet limitation, as specified by the quote issued, will be subject to excess charges. Excess charges will be in addition to the quoted rate and applied only to the portion of the shipment that exceeds the weight or feet limitations. Excess charges will be assessed at a rate 150% of the Truckload/Volume quote rate per hundred, or 150% of the Truckload/Volume quote rate per foot, whichever is greater.

  • Loading/Unloading

  • All Truckload/Volume shipments will be loaded by shipper and unloaded by consignee, unless specifically negotiated herein.
  • Should carrier be required to perform loading or unloading services at origin or destination, applicable labor and detention charges will apply, unless specifically negotiated herein.
  • Customer is responsible for any fines received, as well as excess labor used in reloading to correct axle or gross vehicle weight overloads.

  • Liability

  • Cargo claim liability is that of an Interstate Motor Common Carrier. Exceptions include shipments moving on Saia Truckload/Volume quotes shall not exceed $1.00 per pound or $100,000.00 per incident.

"Head Load" quotes

As another value added product, Truckload pricing can also offer selective "head load" pricing on various lanes within our 38 state coverage area. Available capacity determines these lane offerings, as these will vary daily. Shipment size must exceed 12 linear feet of trailer space or weigh more than 8,000 lbs in order to qualify for this pricing. Once shipment exceeds 21 feet or 20,000 lbs, full volume rates will be applied.

Contact information

To speak with a Truckload representative, contact 1-877-348-3643, or complete one of the Truckload or Head Load request forms for shipment availability and rate information.