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Reporting Capabilities

Xtreme Convenience. Experience it for yourself. Saia gives you the critical information you need in real-time, which gives you greater control over your entire shipping department. And it's all organized by the industry's most-used transaction sets and applications. Convenient. Quick. Comprehensive. Xtreme.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is a method of computer-to-computer exchange of business data in standard formats that rely on international standards. It is the overwhelmingly preferred method of data transmission among large and well-established organizations. Saia has been using EDI for over twenty years and maintains thousands of trading partners.

The data that is transmitted is in a very specific format that adheres to standards and requires special encoding and decoding software. We are capable of translating many versions, but generally use ANSI X.12 version 4010. These standards are divided into transaction sets and these are considered as business documents.

Transaction Sets

  • Transaction Set 204: Motor Carrier Load Tender
      Used to create an electronic bill of lading for our system to use in the generation of a freight bill. Can be used as a request to pickup freight.

  • Transaction Set 211: Motor Carrier Bill of Lading.
      Used to create an electronic bill of lading for our system to use in the generation of a freight bill. Can be used as a request to pickup freight.

  • Transaction Set 210: Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice.
      Used to provide detail information for charges for services rendered.

  • Transaction Set 214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message.
      Used to report the status of a shipment to the shipper, consignee, or third-party

  • Transaction Set 820: Payment Order/Remittance Advice.
      Used to receive remittance advice from our customers.

  • Transaction Set 997: Functional Acknowledgement.
      Used to acknowledge that we received the 204 or 211 transaction document from the shipper.

Transmission Schedule

  • Transaction sets 204, 211, & 820 are received 24 hours a day. The processing schedule is approximately every 30 minutes. Transaction set 214s are sent out every 30 minutes 24 hours a day as well. Transaction set 210s are generally sent out every weekday between 6:20 & 7:00 AM Central time, excluding holidays.

Communications Options

  • These transaction sets are exchanged between us and our customers by three different methods.
      FTP (File Transfer Protocol): This method allows for a direct connection between Saia and its customer. We encourage this method due to its ease of setup, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of use. The choice of host site (Saia or the customer) is the customer's preference.

      VAN (Value Added Network): This is the most commonly used method by our customers. The VAN works as a central hub so that businesses do not have to maintain individual connections. We have a working relationship with several of the largest VANs including Sterling Commerce, Descartes, and Kleinschmidt and are therefore able to connect or interconnect with most customers.

      AS2 (Applicability Statement 2): This communication method uses the Internet to transport data. It is a more secure method than FTP in that AS2 uses digital certificates to create an envelope of encrypted data.

Getting Setup on EDI

  • Most requests to establish an EDI relationship can be handled by Saia's sales representatives or through customer service. The EDI Trading Partner Profile form should be used to provide Saia with necessary technical and setup information.

Additional Reporting Capabilities:

  • PC Manifest

      A direct link for having control of your shipments, including freight bill & delivery information.

  • Image Processing

      All Bill of Ladings and proof of deliveries imaged are available to you when you need them.

    • Determines your freight costs for intra or interstate shipments, on diskette.

  • Service Reports:

      Monthly service recap reports.

  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR):

      One phone call for options such as: freight bill inquiry, tracking, POD, truck load quotes, rate quotes, accounts receivable, and more - just dial 1-800-765-7242.