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Rules and Special Charges

This publication contains an explanation as well as the charges for optional services, that may be requested by shipper, consignee, or third party payor beyond those normally associated with standard transportation. Rules, charges and conditions of these optional services will apply on all shipments under pricing publications and agreements, including individual customer agreements. Please enter your search criteria, select an item you wish to view below or select the option for the entire rules tariff.

Saia's Complete Rules Tariff Download

1PREFACE   Preface
2APPL   Tariff Application
350100   Abbreviation Explanations
4679   Arbitrary Charge - Arizona
5681   Arbitrary Charge - California
6674   Arbitrary Charge - Colorado
7672   Arbitrary Charge - Idaho
8675   Arbitrary Charge - Montana
9673   Arbitrary Charge - Nebraska
10680   Arbitrary Charge - Nevada
11684   Arbitrary Charge - New York
12682   Arbitrary Charge - North Dakota
13683   Arbitrary Charge - Oregon
14689   Arbitrary Charge - Texas
15690   Arbitrary Charge - Washington
16676   Arbitrary Charge - Washington, DC
17345   Arrival Notice and Undelivered Freight
18568A   Articles That Should Not Be Loaded With Hazardous Materials
1975   Authority of Company Personnel
20360-70   Bills of Lading - Combined Shipments
21360   Bills of Lading - Corrected Bills of Lading
22360-10   Bills of Lading - Freight Bills and Statements of Charges
23998   Bills of Lading - FAK - Freight All Kinds
24360-60   Bills of Lading - Liabilities and Penalties
25360-50   Bills of Lading - Order Notify Shipments
26360-20   Bills of Lading, Straight - Contract Terms and Conditions
27370   Blind Shipment Charge
281032   Border Delay Charge
29671   California Compliance Surcharge
30106   Cancellation of Pricing Programs
31382   Cancellation of Tariff Items
32108   Carrier Liability For Cargo Loss and Damage Claims and Limitations of Liability
331002   Chassis - Obtaining of
34997   Classification of Articles
35641   Classification of Undescribed Commodities
36430   Collect on Delivery (COD) Shipments
37435   Collection of Freight Charges
38996   Constant Surveillance Service
39470   Control and Exclusive Use of Vehicle or Doubles Trailer
40107   Convenience Interlining
41480   Customs or In Bond Freight
42112   Definitions - Terms as used in this Tariff, or in Tariffs making reference to this Tariff
431010   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Bruno's Food
441009   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Delchamps, Inc.
451006   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Fleming
461016   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Gordon Food Service
471007   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Gourmet Award Foods
481008   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of H E Butt Grocery
491013   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of H T Hackney Co.
501014   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of McCormick Place in Chicago, IL
511011   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Piggly Wiggly
521015   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of Publix Supermarket
531017   Delivery Surcharge for the Account of UNFI Distribution
541001   Density - Method of Determining
55501   Detention - Vehicles without Power Units - Spotting or Dropping Trailers
56500   Detention of Vehicle with Power
571001A   Determining Averaged Density Classification When Multiple Density Driven Classification Items are in a Shipment
58121   Drayage Service
59125   Drayage Service - Laredo, TX / Nuevo Laredo, MX Border Crossing
601035   Exhibition Sites/Trade Shows Pickup or Delivery
61550-10   Export, Coastwise or Intercoastal Shipments
62560   Extra Labor - Loading or Unloading
631036   EOM (End of Month Program) Application of Allowance, Commissions, Incentive Rebates and Volume Incentives
641046   Flatbed Loads
65691   Florida Keys Delivery Charge
661045   Force Majeure
671033   Foreign Tariffs
68576   Fork Lift Service
691005   Fuel Surcharge
70171   FAK and Bump Rule
71100   Governing Publications
72887   Handling Service (Cross Dock)
73568   Hazardous Materials Handling Charge
74687   High Cost Delivery - Friday Harbor, WA zip 98250
75686   High Cost Delivery/Ferry Charge
76685   High Cost Delivery/Ferry Charge - zip codes 27960, 70538, 33109 and 33139
77692   High Cost Shipments To/From North Carolina
78688   High Cost Shipments To/From Remote Northern Locations in Canada
79570   Impracticable Operations
80566   Inside Pick-up or Delivery (Handling Freight at Positions Not Immediately Adjacent to Vehicle)
81575   Lift Gate Service / Hand Unload
821000   Limited Access Locations
83999   Loading by Consignor - Unloading by Consignee
84579   Lumper Processing Fee
85580   Marking or Tagging Freight
86390   Minimum Charge (notes A and B) and Capacity Loads (notes C and D)
87650   Minimum Charge - Discounts
88610   Minimum Charge - NMFC Item 190210
89610-2   Minimum Charge - NMFC ITEM 100200 AND 100262
90111   Minimum Charge for Cubic Capacity and Density Eligible Shipments
91640   Mixed Shipments
92647-1   Notification Prior to Delivery
931041   NMFC Exception
941005A   Ocean Fuel Surcharge
95910   On Hand and Storage
961042   Operating Authority/NMFC Exception
97670-25   Over Dimension Freight
981030   Overcharge Claims - Filing Procedures
99648   Overweight Volume Loads or Shipments of Unauthorized Explosives
100161   Pallet Rates - Application
101920   Pallet Weight
102710-10   Pallets or Containers - Return of
103710   Pallets or Containers Shipments Transported in or on Shipping Containers
104720   Payment of Charges
1051003   Pickup & Loading and Delivery & Unloading at Ports in Louisiana and Texas
106753   Pickup or Delivery at Private Residences
107750   Pickup or Delivery Service
108754   Pickup or Delivery Service - Non Business Hours, Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays
109105   Precedence of Rates
110840   Proof of Delivery
111810   Protect From Freezing Service
1121034   Puerto Rico Charges to Port of San Juan
1131037   Puerto Rico Island Delivery rates and fuel surcharge
114495   Quotation of Estimated Charges
115820   Reconsignment or Diversion
116830   Redelivery
117845   Reference to Tariffs
118110   Released Value Commodities
119850   Reweigh / Reclassify Surcharge
1201020   Saia Guaranteed
1211020A   Saia Xtreme Guarantee
122880   Sealing of Trucks (Seals or Locks Applied to Vehicle)
123883   Shipments Tendered as a Truckload
1241039   Shipper Load or Consignee Unload
125996-A   Signature Security Service
126885   Single Shipments
127886   Sorting or Segregating
128900   Stopoffs
1291040   Sturgis Bike Rally
130959   Transfer of Lading
131980   Unnamed Points or Terminal Area Places Within or Adjacent to Incorporated Municipalities or Unincorporated Communities, Application of Rules From and To
1321031   US-Canada Border Clearance Fee
133985   Vehicles Furnished But Not Used
134995   Weights - Dunnage
1351020B   Xtreme Assurance